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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ask us anything! Contact us anytime at Put "WIN" in the subject line and we will enter you to win a FREE pair.

When and where can I get PrivaWear® glasses?

You can order them in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. We will announce the details here at, and notify you if you are on our email list.

I am an Influencer . Can I get a FREE pair now?

Yes, that is possible. But we prefer tech-related, cool gadgets, futuristic, and high-end eyewear fashion audiences. Contact us if you think you might be a fit.

Can PrivaWear® glasses completely block facial recognition technology?

As far as we know, yes. We have always defeated the systems throughout our testing.  As long as enough biometric data is hidden, then the systems will not be able to ID the wearer. It would be very costly to replace the existing cameras with a different technology, so until then, blocking IR around the eyes is enough to disrupt the system.

How dark are the lenses?

Our flagship “Eclipse” model is a light-medium tint. Standard sunglasses are between 15% to 25% LTV (visible light transmission). The smaller the percentage, the less light is being transferred through the lens. Eclipse is rated at 24.53% LTV. With this tinting, the glasses can be worn in almost all daytime conditions.

Is PrivaWear® even legal?

Why not? They are passive and analogue eyewear with no embedded electronics or emissions. Our legal guidance confirms that they are legal in the United States. Check with your local authorities if you have any concerns. 

Can PrivaWear® glasses be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender?

Yes, of course. With the exception of children (too small) any age or gender can wear them. In the near future we will offer different frame styles and sizes.

Can I wear these anytime? Would they affect my vision or cause any discomfort?

PrivaWear® glasses are designed for outdoor use, and can be worn anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want. Since they block most of the infrared spectrum, and IR is perceived as heat, you will likely notice that they are the most comfortable pair of glasses that you have ever had.

Can I wear PrivaWear® glasses with prescription lenses?

Yes. Wear as you would any other pair of sunglasses. If you have clip on lenses, you can use them. If you have contact lenses, you can wear those while you wear PrivaWear®.

Are there any situations or locations where I shouldn't wear them?

PrivaWear® is intended to stop unwanted and intrusive facial recognition in public places. We do not know of a location where you shouldn’t wear them. But, some situations where you should not, is when using your facial biometrics for security clearance or when asked by police or airport security to remove them, for instance.

How can I test them to see if they work?

The best way to test them is to try them with Apple’s Face ID. Their TrueDepth camera projects more than 30,000 invisible dots on the user’s face to create a depth map. Android and other phones only do 2D imaging at this point in time.

First, let the Apple camera do a full scan of your face, per their directions. Then, log in with your face. Then, try any pair of sunglasses – no matter how dark, and try to log in. You can see that the camera just sees right through the glasses as if they were not there.

Now, put on your PrivaWear® glasses, and give it a go. Fail for the facial recognition, and SUCCESS with your PrivaWear®!




Do you ship worldwide? What is the shipping cost?

For our Kickstarter campaign we will focus on the United States and Europe. We might be able to ship elsewhere, but check with us first.

Shipping will be free.

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