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Introducing PrivaWear®

PrivaWear Glasses Disrupt Facial Recognition Systems


Blocks over 90% of infrared light, which prevents facial 3D mapping.


Full spectrum enhanced visibility, polarized, and UV protection.


Use as you would any other high quality pair of sunglasses.


Highest quality 100% Italian made.

infrared protection

    Stops over 90% of infrared rays (both near IR and far IR), as well as 100% UVA/B/C protection. Up to 5X more infrared protection than standard polarized lenses.

Polarized for high definition

Polarized TechnologyHigh image definition and contrast for exceptional visual clarity.

Disprupts Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition cameras are not able to collect enough biometric data for their 3D facial mapping, as the eyes and area around the eyes are shielded with our IR blocking lens technology.

Shatter resistance

Shatter ResistanceHigh molecular structure lens and premium hard coating for extreme conditions, and shatter resistance in all contexts.

Take Back Your Privacy

  Right To Privacy

Privacy is a fundamental human right that is essential to our personal and social well-being. It allows us to express ourselves freely, form and maintain relationships, and make informed decisions about our lives. Without privacy, we are vulnerable to surveillance, manipulation, and control.


PrivaWear® Glasses gives you back your privacy.

Man Wearing PrivaWear Sunglasses

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How to Pre-Order

We are excited to announce that PrivaWear® glasses will be available for pre-order through our upcoming Kickstarter Campaign. Our committment to the highest possible quality and function has resulted in fantastic working prototypes. Full branding and packaging for delivery will take place once the Kickstarter runs.